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The options chosen for innovation, improvement and scalability:

To understand the state of innovation in travel, it’s important to study both the industry’s startups and its incumbents. In our review of the past years, we found that in general, innovation has slowed, and—especially for incumbents—that innovation should focus more strongly on the customer experience. Traveling is one of the main causes the Coronavirus has spread across the world and, consequently, government restrictions on movement and tourist traffic became a general trend. In addition to the economic downturn, it is the reason why international tourism took a severe hit. Considering the fact that tourism is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries globally. A strategy to attract tourists includes safety improvements. There are a few striking competitive advantages of the the model that make it significantly more scalable than traditional companies. We will try to overcome issues, especially those related to service quality, transparency, low margins to incur at the moment in the interest of scalability.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

By analyzing Indian demographics, can see that there’s an upward trend in the travel industry. We intend to provide Affordable Competitive Pricing with Very Less Margins, Worldwide Coverage of hand picked properties after doing cost vs quality analysis, Fast and Easy Interactive Booking Engines & Prompt On Demand Services to Book with Confidence. Main problems client are facing due to high margin in big agents, complex UI of booking, lesser transparencies of hidden costs and conditions which we tried to cover through our startup.

How do we contribute to solve this problem?

Our Booking Engines offer cutting-edge search results and solutions to choose the best deals. It's interactive and UI is designed so flawless and friendly that every common person can do the bookings without any external help. We have tied up with so many suppliers than user can have access to robust data with best competitive pricing. Also due to less commission in the bookings, everybody can afford travelling whether necessity or leisure. This way we can give services to the entire nation and can make dreams come true.

Uniqueness of our solution:

Due to direct contracts with all our suppliers, our prices are always relevant and affordable (compare to other major industry players). Browse through our Finest, Handpicked collection of services & book tailored made journeys with Life time experiences. Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority. Reach us on e-mail / WhatsApp, follow on social media / subscribe newsletter. We’re committed to providing travelers with an amazing experience every time. And we do it by following core values. People from all walks of life now have access to the internet through mobile devices, laptops and tablets. The travel industry has benefited exponentially from this boom because this has not only exposed travelers to new, exotic locations but also allowed online travel agencies to connect with their customers. The increased reach will allow India to grow by leaps and bounds. However, there are challenges that a travel startup may encounter. It makes sense to be ready if we decide to tread down this path.